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About us. The most attractive people are adults, self-sufficient, interesting and young-eyed, full of ambitions and love for life. It’s all the same with companies.

We are full-grown, experienced, "old hands", after reading and learning, seeing and travelling. Still it is so much interesting for us to live, grow, set goals, learn - from customers, partners, situations, books.
We already know the exact worth of trust, fair name and solid partnership. And yet we are interested in opening new people and new horizons. We may be just like you, don’t we?

Why us?

There is a great many of reasons. The most significant ones, as we see them, are:

We are a highly specialized company. Since 2004, we only deal with luxury travel. No bus and health centres tours. When being highly specialized, it is easier to be best. We are.

We do consider every single minute of our client’s rest - what he will see when he wakes up in the hotel, what relax after the flight is better, how skin should be prepared for the active sun, where he can get the child a place at least for a couple of hours, what he will tell his folks upon arrival ...

We are learning, and learning, and learning. Every employee has at least 2 hours of compulsory training per week. We even have our own internal Academy. We set the industry standards and follow them ourselves.

Information for new agencies
  1. For over 10 years we specialize in working with expensive and complex orders. The idea of "messing around with caprices" is just our core business process. This is how we stand out among tour operators – tour conveyors.
  2. We have excellent prices for exotics, first and foremost for the Maldives, Mauritius, the Seychelles, the USA, Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean islands. Online-booking system on our website, with all the prices and promotions, will help you to find your bearings.
  3. We have our own IATA air ticket office and excellent conditions for both individual bookings and permanent cooperation.
  4. We organize the best quality promotional tours at the market (according to that agents who are the participants of these tours). For the most active agents we offer the best conditions for participation in these tours.
  5. We are constantly learning - both product and customer service. You can watch a huge collection of professional video workshops on our website in “Agents” section.
  6. For you, we have written a very useful and practical book,which helps everyone to become a super professional in tourism, "Luxurious service in tourism. VIP customers manager’s handbook".
  7. Our team is made up of excellent specialists who know how the most difficult problems should be solved and are well aware of tasks both ofan agent and a client.
  8. They know a lot about their families, preferences, allergies and relationships with their significant other. Thanks to the "bunnies", managers become experts in the world of luxury travel and pronounce the names of Michelin restaurants and the most expensive villas in the resorts with bated breath.

Our clients are people who are difficult to impress, still we can!

Working with such clients is not only profitable, but also very prestigious.

You can’t always say their names aloud, even in the bosom of the family, but you are overwhelmed with inner pride.

Our Services

In tourism, there are traditional services: flight, accommodation, transfer, excursions, visa support. But this is only the body. We firmly believe that every journey has its soul, its spirit. And it is created by the details and additional services, which we understand well and which we are ready to do for you.

Still have questions?
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